The *SECRET* to marketing your music.
4 min readMar 8, 2021


After 25 years as a corporate marketing, designer and independent musician I finally learned the secret to success in marketing my music.

“You want to believe.”

I’m fortunate that my parents supported my music goals but also insisted that I get an education so I had a back up plan in case the music dream fell through. Ha!

After a tour of Northern Ontario and Western Canada for 18 months, performing 6 nights a week it was time to go back to school. The realization that I didn’t achieve musical fame was a hard pill to swallow but I admitted defeat for the time being.

“But the dream never dies.”

Armed with a degree in Communication Studies and schooled in graphic and web design I was on my path to a career in marketing, advertising and design.

My career evolved from freelancing to building a successful boutique marketing agency to working as a consultant and virtual agency for the past 10 years.

My true love was also an income supplement as I worked in music, performing, as a stage technician, and recording my original music. The need to make music never leaves you. In my mind I never gave up, I just shuffled my priorities.

“There is no secret…but there is a secret recipe.”

So what does this have to with the secret? Stay with me.

Throughout my career I was constantly chasing the secret to “corporate success” using all the tools and concepts of marketing and brand design, business intelligence & technology.

Constantly learning, I searched for better concepts, methodologies and new tools and ways to communicate. I wanted to claim my successes with each client the same way a landowner stakes a red flag to claim his land to prove ownership. And the takeaway from this is:

“Marketing is a process, not an event.”

There is no end. The machine turns and you turn with it. You will make losses and gains but it’s paramount to measure, reset, try again using the knowledge you gained to make the next run better. Your successes are measured in increments and never in one giant claim. You refine your approach each time gaining valuable…



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