“Disconnecting from Adobe Creative Cloud” Adobe CC icon with unplug graphic
Adobe CC “unplug”

Disconnecting from Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

I’ve used Adobe products since the beginning. I’m sure many of you reading this now have invested thousands — maybe tens of thousands of dollars or more on the initial product and constant upgrades as they were pushed out on a regular cycle. Whether you are an individual designer or an agency, you’ve shelled out a tonne of cash over the years. Multiple products, multiple licenses, multiple updates.

It’s everywhere.

Yes, Adobe has a monopoly on the digital design software industry. It’s interesting how they helped to drive the industry and became a ubiquitous brand (Just Photoshop it!). It’s such an industry wide standard that publishers, printers, photography and video production companies have invested fortunes in their infrastructure for smooth operations and processes. With this infrastructure in place, Adobe was in the advantageous position to change their model so that users were forced (yes forced) to buy in to their new Creative Cloud subscription model. It’s a capitalist’s dream. And you can’t do anything about it but drink the Kool-aid. Or can you?

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