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Band-Aid Marketing: Stop it and Level Up!

When a new or established company or business reacts to a situation or sales crisis by developing a new idea, campaign or project without any thought or attention to aligning to their brand story or using their brand voice, they are investing effort, resources and money that is wasted. This is what I call band-aid marketing.

This idea of a quick fix for the moment results in unaccounted for dollars and resources that could have been invested into fixing “base brand” contingent elements that should have been in place long before spending further marketing dollars.

You need to fix the foundation of your business before you can fix what it’s supporting, whether it’s your current problem of low sales, a new product launch or a new service.

The marketing component of your business is a layer that sits on other supporting layers that need to be firmly in place first if you want to be successful in business. More importantly, you must optimize these components so you are running at the highest level possible in order to achieve a true return on your investment.

If you’re happy running at 50% optimally and make enough revenue to feel like you’re successful, that might be ok for some, but to me it’s lazy and ignorant. It means you have a 50% margin to improve on operations, processes, culture, team building, sales and more. This means your focus is not on customer delight and more on your own satisfaction of doing a menial job which shows a lack of care about your business. This mindset is not sustainable.

“Marketing is a process, not an event”

Do you want to build your business? Level Up.

This points to the “You don’t know what you don’t know” theory (originally credited to Donald Rumsfeld). It’s a trigger for realization; an “uh huh” moment — that you have a potential opportunity to learn or do something actionable that will position you at a “jump point” allowing you to escalate or slingshot you to your next level plateau. That uh-huh moment is a great feeling! If you are interested enough to get to this point then it’s an indicator that you got your mojo back and want to reboot.

So how can you fix something if you don’t know it’s broken? It should be easy to see just by looking at your website or by having a…



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