Audius is an Ethereum-based streaming app looking to take on Spotify and Apple Music by offering artists a better deal.

Audius. What’s it going to do for artists?
4 min readMar 18, 2021


“Giving everyone the freedom to distribute, monetize, and stream unstoppable audio”

Here is the reference article:

Audius sounds like it was created by a group of artists who are trying to raise the standard of music to an elitist level.

This article uses very extreme scenarios that sound unrealistic, and there are also so many unanswered questions, or answers that create more questions. Half way through I felt I needed an infographic to understand the model. I see quotes like “people see that Audius is decentralised and operated by a community of people” and “Audius is fully open source and is operated by the community” and “Every aspect of Audius is governable, creating a truly community-owned and operated streaming service” — What does this actually mean? I understand the words but where is the instruction manual or mandate?

There’s also a developer website.

I can see that code is available on Github for protocol and client and multiple dapps:

If I create a “node” am I creating a revenue stream? Am I getting paid in tokens? Are the tokens worth anything? How do they fit into the crypto currency landscape? I see you can build “on” to Audius. Maybe I need to see the bigger picture but I don’t see any answers to these questions. Am I not searching hard enough? It’s been at least 2–3 hours now.

I really love the basic concept and actually signed up and created an Audius account so I could experience first hand. Even through exploration and genre specific search, the lines were blurred and most of the content sounds the same — nothing unique. I couldn’t find any music played by a person using real instruments. It’s all EDM, House-ish, Techno stuff. The platform attracts tech type music creators who are betting on Crypto. I understand the platform attracts a certain profile so maybe over time it will grow in variety.



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